About Me

Who Am I?

Vincent Better

A 15-year digital media professional with the desire to specifically help small and medium-sized business who are looking to better understand and best take advantage of the dynamic digital media landscape.

What Do I Do?

Digital audience targeting solutions via display ads on premium desktop, mobile, and video networks, as well as search engine optimization/marketing designed to increase reach, frequency and targeting of your ad messages to your potential customers from consideration to purchase with an unparalleled level of reporting transparency. I work with you to design the solution to meet your specific business needs, not an off-the-shelf package. Alert customers you are open for business and Get Discovered, known, and socially active.

Why Do I Do This?

I have a passion for the digital media space and all of it’s possibilities. Having worked with many small, regional and national businesses across many verticals in my career, I want to further even the playing field and help business with more finite resources better compete for digital audiences and dollars. By repurposing my involvement in the online space, I can help those who need it most and educate the business community on how to most-effectively reach out to their desired audiences online and stay viable during this digital paradigm shift.